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By assisting our members with employment matters, we seek to create positive workplace dynamics.

The employee advocacy services include individual contract and employment rights advice, conflict resolution and facilitation services, legal support for employment-related matters including a mediation and arbitration process, and other employment contract and schedule matters including the annual compensation report.

Through best practices, innovative workplace health frameworks and mutual restorative processes, we seek to assist in building and maintaining a healthy workplace.

 The workplace community assistance services include workplace policy development, workplace legislation consultation, Contract Partnership Committee assistance, workplace relationship facilitation and restoration, mental health workshops and workplace health surveys. 

By providing workplace-related training, workshops and professional certification, we seek to help you grow in your expertise.

The training and certification services include workplace-related training and other workshops. Vocate is also the certifying body for the Christian School Teachers Certificate (CSTC), which provides training for and recognition of what it means to be a teacher in a Christian school.

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