The membership of Vocate includes all employees of Christian schools, from teachers to caretakers; from principals to finance managers to teacher assistants. This inclusive view recognizes the importance of each and every employee and the important part they play in the success of the school’s educational vision for supporting the growth of our children into Christ-followers.

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Vocate combines “advocate” and “vocation,” in recognition of both our main service (advocacy) and the area in which we do our work (employment at Christian schools).  The name also symbolizes that our members have a calling from the Lord in their chosen vocation, in service to Him and His children.

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Since 1954, Vocate and its preceding organizations have supported employees of Christian schools.

With a unique combination of employment relations and education experience, our team works closely with our members and their local school to seek mutually positive outcomes.

Jonathan Schat, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR jonathan.schat@vocate.ca

Faith Boer, EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT faith.boer@vocate.ca

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