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Teachers Section

Teachers and Administrators

Teachers and administrators in Christian schools.

Educators Section


Education assistants, teacher assistants, early childhood educators, personal support workers and any other employees assisting the education inside and outside the classroom in Christian schools.

Admin Section

Administrative Support Staff and Other Employees

Office administrators, finance managers, caretakers, development directors, bus drivers and any other employees assisting the day to day functioning of a Christian school.


Membership with Vocate

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annual membership fee

The annual membership fee is 0.55% of the member’s annual salary.


Each membership category has an annual cap.  For the 2021-2022 school year, the annual cap is:


Teachers and Principals: $330

Paraeducators: $152

Administrative Support and Other Employees: $203


Employees on Leave:
On Leave membership is $100 per year.
If you return to work, the fee would be prorated according to your salary for the remainder of the year. Please contact our office if you return to work during the school year.


New Member Rate:

An employee at a Christian school who has not previously been a member of Vocate or its previous entities (Ontario Christian School Teachers Association or Edifide) shall receive a fifty percent (50%) reduction of the annual membership fee for their first year.


All New Member applications are confirmed by the Vocate office prior to paying the membership fee.